Knox is committed to making a difference in our community.  Here’s a few more ways we seek to do so:

Knox Peace Pole

“May Peace Prevail on Earth” written in eight languages on a four sided pole stands at the entrance to our sanctuary. It reflects our commitment to work for peace, pray for peace, and live in peace. The Peace Pole was dedicated in memory of Robert M. Tunks, an ardent peacemaker in our community, in April 2005. For more information about Peace Poles all around the world visit

Peace Frog

Peace FrogThe Peace Frog is a long-time tradition at Knox, but what does a frog have to do with peace? The funds raised support service organizations that through their work promote peace in our community.Over the years this has included Habitat for Humanity, New Beginnings,  YWCA Safe House, and many others. The offering plate is a beautiful ceramic frog circulated among the congregation by one of the children.  Words of thanks are shared as folks feed the frog with coins and folded money, serving to remind us to Fully Rely On God.

Two Cents a Meal

Knox is committed to alleviating hunger in our community and around the world. On the second Sunday of the month we receive a TWO CENTS A MEAL OFFERING. Every household is encouraged to set aside two cents per meal per person as way to give God thanks for the blessing of food and to help those who hunger for daily bread. Two cents equals six cents a day, forty-two cents a week, $1.86 a month, and $22.32 a year. The offering supports our own Knox Food Pantry and other hunger relief programs in northern California in partnership with Hunger Task Force of the Presbytery of the Redwoods.

In 2006 we set a goal of a MILE WORTH OF PENNIES (84,400 pennies) which we surpassed by raising 102,600 pennies ($1026)! Every year since then we have collected more than 100,000 pennies (approximately 1.18 miles worth) totaling over $6000 which is seven plus miles worth of pennies.